Friday, June 20, 2014

Car washing, shoe repair, and BBQ in Ward 6

On the blog Popville, the question was asked, "Where do you get your car washed?" AK responded:
I have taken my car to Peter Bug’s Shoe Academy on Saturdays. The workers there hand wash and dry the car, and it’s pretty cheap. There’s also some BBQ and you can drop off your shoes for repair and pick them up next time. It’s a fantastic community resource, and it helps out the people working there. Peter Bug is also great to talk to. If you’re lucky, you can chat with him about his many decades living in D.C.
... It’s at 1320 E St SE. Here’s some great info on Peter Bug (
Thanks for the shout out from AK! Thanks also to Peter Bug for all that he does for Ward 6!

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