DC Public Housing Radio

"DC Public Housing Radio Station" is an attempt to document the contributions of DC public housing projects to DC. You can go directly to the YouTube playlists:
Here is the first one on the history playlist, on the Frederick Douglass Dwellings, which is well worth listening to:

List of bands from DC public housing projects:

1) Free Form Experience, Arthur Capper Public Housing, early 1970s. Awesome!

2) Ward 8 Entertainment, Valley Green Public Housing (and Barry Farms Public Housing?), playing now. One of the members of the band sold me their CD "Waiting for Some Better Days" on Pennsylvania Ave, SE, a couple of weeks ago.

3) Junk Yard Band, Barry Farms Public Housing, early 1980s through 1990s.

4) Marvin Gaye, East Capitol Dwellings (teenage years).

5) Rare Essence, earned "their initial show stripes on the city’s recreation center circuit."

[more to be added soon]

Here are other relevant websites:

DC Public Housing Wikipedia Pages

DC Public Housing Facebook pages

Feel free to let me know about bands, Facebook pages, or other items that document the vibrant life in DC public housing. 

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