Monday, June 2, 2014

Adventures of the new DC Sociological Society President

Two weeks ago, I became president of the DC Sociological Society. I always greatly enjoy the DCSS events, which include talks by the current ASA president and the fun annual banquet. I had been wondering for a while why the DCSS had been founded in 1934 and what it was like at earlier times. So, I went to look at the papers of one of the founders and early presidents (1943-1944) of the DCSS, E. Franklin Frazier. Frazier was a sociology professor at Howard University and went on to be the first African American president of the American Sociological Association. He was one of the most important sociologists in the United States and likely around the world.

So, what did I find? Psychological warfare, Black Power, and so on. Read more here at the DC Sociological Society blog: 

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