Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our Neighbor Terry Huff

Washington City Paper photo
The Washington City Paper announced that local singer-songwriter Terry Huff -- with D.C. soul hits “I Destroyed Your Love” and “The Lonely One” -- passed away last week: "Born Oct. 16, 1947, the ninth child of 18, Huff began his musical career harmonizing on the corner of 15th Street and Independence Avenue SE with his brothers." Yes, singing in street corner groups was a great Ward 6 tradition.  As I mentioned in a previous blog post, the Arthur Capper Public Housing Project "organized an enormous music scene. Well, there were already male singing groups that regularly met, maybe everyday, on every corner of Arthur Capper to sing Motown, such as the Dells, and R&B."

There will be several fundraisers to help pay for his funeral. The wonderful Peter Bug will be organizing one of these: 
Peter Bug, proprietor of the Peter Bug Leather & Shoe Training Academy at 13th and E streets SE, is planning a block party to raise money for the funeral, while John Sharpe is organizing a big-name concert, titled “Special Delivery for Terry Huff: His Life, His Love, His Legacy of Music.” The event will take place on Jan. 4 at the Hampton Conference Center in District Heights, Md. Confirmed acts include Al Johnson, Skip Mahoney, Sarah Dash, Diz Russell and the Orioles, The New Era, as well as surviving members of The Winstons and The Choice Four.  (Washington City Paper)

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