Sunday, January 20, 2013

Walking the NW Boundary of Ward 6

In 2012, Ward 6 expanded to the northwest to include part of Shaw. Yesterday, I walked half of this new northwest boundary of Ward 6. Here is the current Ward 6 map, which is very well done. The blue line was my walking path, while the peachy line is the rest of the NW boundary that I have yet to walk:

View NW Boundary of Ward 6 in a larger map

I started out from Union Station heading NW on Massachusetts Ave, walking past the 395 freeway and the NPR building. At 7th St, before I got to the Carnegie Library, I turned right and headed north. With the Convention Center on my left, I walked up 7th Street, past the McCollough Paradise Garden Apartments on my right, affordable housing created by United House of Prayer in the 1960s. I turned on M St and into the alley (8th Court) between the McCollough Terrace Apartments and the convention center. Straight ahead of me at the end of the alley was Center City Public Charter School and Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. I turned left on N St in front of these buildings and took a right on 9th St, NW.

On 9th St, I passed a non-profit, Reverend Griffin S. Smith Center/ Efforts from Ex-Convicts. Reverend Smith had finished a 10-year sentence for armed robbery and began this non-profit in 1966. Scripture Cathedral Church with its stained glass entrance appeared at O Street. Across O St on 9th is the huge construction site of the City Market development, with a residential complex and restaurant being built at 9th St at P St. Across 9th St on P St, I saw people pouring out of Shiloh Baptist Church, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary (see its history here). My walk continued along P St by the fields of Seaton Elementary School to 11th St. There I became distracted by Logan Circle and left the rest of the walk to another day.

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