Saturday, October 6, 2012

Co-ops in DC

Today, at the Ward 8 Farmers' Market (@ THEARC), I'll be handing out flyers for DC Co-op Day, which takes place on Saturday, October 27th at UDC. Everyone is invited, but space is limited, so register soon if you want to attend. A group of us are writing histories of various cooperatives in DC. We have also put together an "Evolving History of DC Cooperatives":

"Washington, DC has had a long history of cooperatives. In part, this was because African Americans have sought to form cooperatives as a way create economic and political freedom. As Jessica Gordon Nembhard has argued, “African Americans have used cooperative economic development as a strategy in the struggle for economic stability and independence.” In 1907, W.E.B. Dubois (pictured at the right) spoke in favor of a wide range of cooperatives and alternative economic institutions. Cooperatives would remain a key institution in the toolbox of African American social movements. Washington, DC remains a central location for these social movements and thus would have a rich cooperative history." Read more

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