Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gentrification of Yesteryear

Things have been really busy. Wanted to share something quickly. The Capitol Hill area experienced gentrification -- the replacement of lower-income residents with higher-income and often professional residents -- in the 1960s and then again in the late 1970s. In his excellent Between Justice and Beauty: Race, Planning, and the Failure of Urban Policy in Washington, D.C., Howard Gillette cites a Washington City Paper article from 1988, which reported that all of DC lost "8 percent of the city's middle-class taxpayers since 1975, with increases of 5 percent among the poor and 7 percent among the wealthiest city residents." By 1992, the Washington Post reported a drop in the number of poor households and "increased disparities between rich and poor in Washington and the metropolitan area." While my blog has been interrupted, gentrification has not.

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