Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HIV and Ward 6

Today is National HIV Testing Day. According to Street Sense, one of the most informative newspapers in the District, Ward 6 is tied with Ward 8 for the highest percentage of people living with HIV/AIDS:

Ward 6 2.8%
Ward 8 2.8%
Ward 5 2.7%
Ward 7 2.4%
Ward 1 2.1%
Ward 4 1.7%
Ward 3 .3%
Total in DC: 3%


  1. Did you do an anova to determine if there are true statistical differences?

  2. Great point. Also Street Sense mentioned how problematic the measurement is since many people don't know they even have HIV.

  3. P.S. my posting went up on Monday (National HIV Testing Day), but my blog sets the time slightly differently.

    P.P.S. The HIV/AIDS stats are partially picking up on where HIV/AIDS testing is most prevalent, which is based on stats on who is more likely to have HIV/AIDS. At the same time, the stats show that Ward 6 has a significant number of people with HIV/AIDS (though not necessarily statistically significant in relation to other wards, except probably Ward 3).

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