Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Census and DC

I'm in the midst of the three-day Federal Statistics Training, which is *free* and open to everyone. I cannot recommend it enough. The training provides an overview of all the statistics collected by the Census and their statistical tools. (For academics, it might not be ideal because the training focuses on tables and maps, rather than on obtaining large datasets). Here are a few interesting, ad hoc areas in which DC is #1 (or tied for #1):

  • Percentage of workers who travel to work by public transportation (37.1%).
  • Percentage of children in poverty (29.4%), tied with Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, and New Mexico.
  • Percentage of those over 65 living in poverty (14.6%), tied with Mississippi, Kentucky, Louisiana, and New Mexico.
  • Percentage of those over 25 who have an advanced degree (28%)
Other interesting rankings:
  • DC is #49 in the percentage of children without insurance (2.8%), only Massachusetts is statistically lower on the list (1.4%).
  • DC is #2 (behind Hawaii) in the median value of owner-occupied homes ($443,700).
You can find many more rankings here.

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