Thursday, February 3, 2011

Map of DC Ward 6 Public Housing

Here is a map of the 14 public housing sites in Ward 6. I got the addresses from the DC Housing Authority and used Google Maps to plot them. I didn't include Lincoln Road (11 R Street NE) because it seems like it was outside Ward 6. You can click on Full Screen to see the entire map or you can download or print it for better viewing. Next task, locate where there used to be public housing!

DC Ward 6 Public Housing


  1. You have only have 1/2 of Hopkins. You've marked what's known as 1400 L, but not the area most people are familiar with. It's the projects that's about a block behind Potomac Gardens, between 11th and 13th (?) street, below between I and the freeway. It's very long and big, but presumably because it's further back than Potomac Gardens, most people are not really aware of its presence. The geography does mean that there is a horse shoe of public housing, making a rough 1/2 circle around Jenkin's Row and the Harris Teeter; if you used Pennsylvania Avenue as the diameter of the circle. 1400 L stretches down, effectively, to Barney Circle. Since most people have no reason to cross Pennsylvania Avenue unless they live down here, or if they do no reason to go further than the Harris Teeter - it's easy to miss out this particular aspect of geography.

  2. Thanks for the correction. I just sat at home and used the addresses provided by the DC Housing Authority and Google maps. As you can see, some of the public housing on my map is located in the middle of intersections. I'm going to have to go out and look at all the sites.

  3. You don't have the scattered homes. There are at least 3 on my street in NE, and 6 houses within a block of me. Three of them are being renovated, after sitting sitting vacant for years.

  4. Thanks for bringing that up. Where are they? I'm going to make a new map.


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