Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Handwritten signs around Hine

These signs have popped up around Hine over the past few weeks:

I had thought that these signs had been posted by the developers to show "popular" support for a larger Hine building and to criticize those who wish to reduce the building's size as anti-renter or anti-low-income. The Hine project has very little affordable housing. Now, I am wondering whether several different people are posting the signs. Someone told me yesterday that he thought I was posting the signs. I am not, though they are a nice use of loose space (property used in a new, unintended way: light poles reused as spaces for political speech). Maybe there could be more political debate or engagement with the signs (by writing comments on them or adding other signs)? Who do you think is posting the signs? There is a poll to the right.

P.S. Regarding the last two photos in the slideshow, what is the story behind the Olivia dog signs? I found the last photo quite intriguing, another nice use of loose space.


  1. The project has 30% affordable housing, how is that "very little" for a new development?

    Also, the poll is incredibly biased. How about supporters like me, unrelated to developer??

  2. The poll is about who is doing the signs. Are you posting the signs?

  3. If you are posting the signs, it would be cool to understand what is intended by them. I also like their loose-space use.

  4. I am both positively intrigued and negatively concerned by the signs. I do think there needs to be real, affordable housing in the Hine Site, but like you I am suspicious about who is putting up the signs. If it is the developers, possibly preying on the neighborhood's instincts to promote fair housing, that is terrible. Given the appearance (ball point pen or sharpie on lined note paper), I would say it is one person or group of persons. Basically the signs are confusing me because I cannot identify who is behind the protest/comment. On a different note, it's interesting to me that you seem to like the use of the pole space; I know many who dislike any sign (lost dog, advertising, help wanted, etc) on a pole (in fact wasn't there a "take down signs" day in Philadelphia due to the sort of broken window theory of the clutter of signs on poles). I don't mind using the poles for information but I dislike outdated signs.

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